Cape Town – 2020 – Food Riders – The Most Dangerous Job – Documentation

My 5 minute documentation about one of the, maybe the most dangerous job in Cape Town, South Africa: Food Rider (Delivery Rider). Filmed during my visit and staying at Woodstock Moto Co (motorcycle community) in January 2020 with GoPro Hero 8.

Background source: The New York Times article by Kimon de Greef. Aug. 24, 2019

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♣️ Why I made this video ♠️

Already in 2018, my second visit to Cape Town, and while I made my reportage for the German magazine FUEL »Life and Ride in Cape Town«, the topic about the dangerous life of Food Riders in South Africa was introduced to me by my friend Devin Paisley at Woodstock Moto Co. Note: He was also a background-source for the article in the The New York Times above.

At this time, and because this topic is a big one in itself, I hadn’t the possibilities to guarantee the care and attention it deserved. 2020 I travelled to Cape Town with a different intention – and with my GoPro.

Still »Life and Ride in Cape Town« – but as I tried, and hopefully achieved, in my reportage in 2018: Behind the handlebars of a motorcycle you have one of the biggest opportunities to see the world best and closest to it. And as much I appreciate a »Bucket List« myself, riding beautiful roads and see wonderful places, I always try to see also the darker side, often close to the beauty. (Don’t bother: Some »Bucket List« videos will follow.)

As in the video mentioned: I don’t judge. It’s an impression – and of course with kind of my personal view, even if I try to hold distance. Also I know, the Social Media and modern »blogging« is not about reading, it’s about images and moving pictures, most times of the beautiful life. All that more I appreciate it, that you have come to this point!

My OldSkøør YouTube Channel, as my personal Steven Flier Social Media appearance (see below), is a pure personal thing for me, about motorcycling and other stuff I’m interested, and I am holding back from asking to share my content. About the topic of »Food Riders in Cape Town«, I would appreciate it that you share it. Thanx

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