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Steven Flier: Covid 19 No 3 Video - About money and creativity in times of »Toilet Paper War«

My third video in this actual »Covid 19 Crisis« and in the times of »Toilet Paper War«. And my second in my acting role as your friendly »prepper« in the neighbourhood. It’s kind of a »fucked up« motivation speech to all of you creatives and freelancers like me out there. Enjoy. All opinions and curses […]

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Steven Flier: Covid 19 No 2 Video - Zombies they said!

My second video about the actual Covid 19 crisis. Hope you enjoy my little Prepper drama-joke at the beginning. But as in my first video – it’s about the »system relevant people« out their, their work for all of us and my absolutely lack of understanding about such a totally idiotic thing as so called […]

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Steven Flier: A personal »Covid 19« Statement and about »System Relevant People«

Over the last days, following the changing by hours »Covid 19 News« and because of some situations, positiv as negativ, my princess and I have experienced – a sack of personal thoughts were collected in my head. Therefore I made this video – to empty this sack, to get lost of some bad thoughts burden […]

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