The Monday after the »Online 101 Weekend« in 2020 – Strange, very!

Thank you to all my personal friends and fans and to the friends, fans, partners and sponsors of our Glemseck 101.

This shot of me and my princess was taken on early 101 Saturday eve 2020 at the Beergarden Glemseck by our friend and photographer Mati Luke. BTW.: Check out his FB-Group »Motorradtreff Glemseck«. Always some motorcycle news about what’s going on in our region!

My princess is always the better »sociable« part of me. She grabbed me at this eve, and said: »I know you hate it to go in this moment, drive this curves direction Glemseck today, but you have to go! This is also your job! F**cked up 2020 or not! Don’t be a kitten!« (See the exclamation marks?)

So – tired out as I was – (why you think we Social Media Lone Lions always wear sunglasses? 😁) – I followed her.

And now, it’s a very strange feeling this Monday after »There-was-no-101-2020«.

Normally I would feel extremely exhausted (as said, I am kind of burned by hell after this »101 Solo Online Flight«) but still had to check now for the first news, images, albums, videos of our event. Prepare the »Thanx««, the winner list and all the other little step & stones to make a good retrospect for all the 101 characters and partners involved and – of course – for all the fans.

Honestly, this part of the 101, the Social afterwork, was never my friend. Still isn’t after 14 years. Leaving on 101 Sunday eve after a successful event, always got me in »High Spirits« as also into a tired »Thank God it’s over and all was going well«. If you worked all the weeks before to make the 101 – together with so many others – again to a success, you would love to make a real cut at this point. But not rest for the Social Media Animals 🙂 At this point 10 to 14 days hard work in one run still would be waiting.

Strange feeling now – as said, I never really liked it, but it is definitely part of my job in my position – but now, in this hell of year 2020, today at this Monday … I miss it very much.

This morning I send also some apologies to some people whose »Postings« I missed. I’m very sorry for that. I’ve known in the run-up that these would happen, but still I’m a bit angry about myself about this point. So when you read that, again – Sorry!

Nevertheless, hope you enjoyed this »Strange 101 Weekend« and maybe had a good motorcycle ride together with some friends. Thank you all and cu 2021 – full throttle!

Steven – Motorcycle Enthusiast and – in certain times – 101 Social Media Animal.

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