Dear fans and friends of me in person and the German motorcycle festival »Glemseck 101«.

In this video I present you the »outtakes« while I and »Le Motard« were filming the »1/8 Mile Bible« video (have a look in my list of videos). It’s about all the usual questions while filming: Are I’m in the picture? How is my hair? Why the hell you are filming now? And of course, the typical »Okay?« and »Okay!«

I had big fun cutting it and some bigger laughs about myself when watching my behavior in front of the camera. Hope you enjoy it too! Language is German.

🖤 A very special »Thank You!« to my good friend »Motard Simon« who worked the GoPro. By hand and driving my Mazda MX5 like hell around some corners while the GoPro was safely mounted with an iShoxs suctions cup M1 GT (a perfect GoPro gear). On this day, two days before the first German »Covid 19 Lockdown«, it was bloody cold and he had a tough time with me too, because I’m not so easy to handle when in front of a camera. Friendly spoken – but see yourself 😁

Thanx for your patient bro!

🖤 One more special »Thank You!« to Klaus Limbächer and his motorcycle company Limbächer & Limbächer for the very »Special Beast« he provided to me and had the trust that I will bring her back without a scratch: The Ducati LLC X Diavel Cafe Racer. Customized by his in-house custom brand: LLC, Limbächer & Limbächer Custom. She was, in any kind, a hell of a ride. An own video and more informations about her will follow mid of May. BTW: She is absolutely unique – and for sale! Find the link further down.

Thanx for following me in person – here on Youtube and/or the following links. And if you are on Reddit – thanx for sharing there too. As »Steven-101« I can’t myself. Still too low »Karma« 😳

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::: Ducati LLC X Diavel Cafe Racer (April 2020)
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