Steven Flier: A personal »Covid 19« Statement and about »System Relevant People«

Over the last days, following the changing by hours »Covid 19 News« and because of some situations, positiv as negativ, my princess and I have experienced – a sack of personal thoughts were collected in my head.

Therefore I made this video – to empty this sack, to get lost of some bad thoughts burden and making my very own statement. Forward looking to the day when this crisis is hopefully over – and to not forget, who were the people who were at the front line in this days.

I made this video in English language, because I have many international friends. Following is my spoken text:


Hello all my friends out there in the world.

I’m here in my graphic studio, part oft it. Fortunately I work alone – so called home office – since years. So the currently working situation for me – is kind of normal.

But to be honest, I preppered weeks ago this actual gold. Maybe 2020 will be gone into the history books officially as the outbreak of Covid 19 – and unofficially as »The Toilet Paper Wars.

Nevertheless, to all of you out there, staying in there homes or have to go outside – to you and your families, your loved ones and all your friends: Take care and stay healthy.

But this is not the reason I made this video.
It’s about the topic »system relevant«.

Out there people are working therefore that we as European citizens can still live a kind of »normal« life in the biggest crisis since decades. Not only nurses, doctors, police and firefighters, too, all those people – and I’m ashamed here by myself – that we always oversee and assume that they are there.

The people working in the supermarkets, the courier drivers, the people looking for that roads, electricity and water still working and running.

Surely I forgot somebody, cause I don’t know myself who is always behind, that I can live and work my life. As I said – on this point I’m ashamed. So of course this video is also a big »Thank You!« to all this people who are actually daily in danger to be infected just by doing their job that we all can stay this kind of »normal«.

But also this is not the point. A »Thank You« is nice but sometimes, today – so my feeling – it is cheap.

My point is: Don’t we all forget!
Don’t we forget these people who standing actual their – our all ground! »System relevant« people! Mostly underpaid and often for banks not credit worthy and for politicians just some voters to talk all 4 years too.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m believing absolutely in democracy – and our capitalistic system.

But I’m not believing any more in our so called elite class. Especially the politicians. In my country as in the Europe Parliament. Especially this European Union bureaucracy has done nothing in the last three weeks for the continent called Europe. Our continent.

Both only took our money for years – and now, what did we pay them for? In good times a hushpuppy could do their job and in this crisis which concerns us all in person – not some hustling rescue money games – for some of us a life & death situation, they are mostly silent – doing nothing.

Don’t forget. Don’t forget who is standing in the front line in this days! And when this Covid 19 crisis and »Toilet Papers Wars« is over – so my very personal opinion, we all have to think about two things: How we change this fucked up system and how we honor and pay those people who are really »system relevant« for our society.

Thank you for listening.

Take care and stay healthy and safe.
Good luck, Godspeed and God bless you.