They don’t play well with others

Some years ago, before I discovered how much fun mountainbikers have and falling in love with my fat bike, I designed three full face downhill helmets for O’Neal Europe.

In 2011 the O’Neal »Backflip«.
Level: Expert. Mode: God. Toxic content ☣.

In 2013 the O’Neal »Airtech 2«
With cool »Maori« design and if you look a bit closer – perhaps you see also the head of a dragon 🐉

In 2015 the O’Neal 2015 »Backflip«.
Caution: Don’t play well with others! 🐍

Yeah, if you follow me on my personal Instagram account for a while – not only the designs also the wording is my work – 😁 – and you also know I have a knack for fantasy and especially dragons

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