A »Free Hugs« and »Spread Love« Valentine’s Day message – 💜 – from my »Last Teddy Standing« series. In »Casual« as »Krav Maga*« Style. And not only for Valentine’s Day.

Stevens Sierra Foxtrot« Spreadshirt-Shop
Stevens Sierra Foxtrot« Spreadshirt-Shop

About my »Last Teddy Standing« designs – 🧸 – we live in »interesting times« and sometimes one’s own hard-earned inner calmness and friendliness, even the smile is mistaken by a person facing you as – let’s put it politely – »soft«. And this is, from your point of view, a total misinterpretation of the whole situation this person is situated.

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⚔️ – My personal keywords as a #freelance designer: #lovemyjob #creativityrules and #imakecoolshit – and my job is to get your ideas off the ground: concept, graphics, logo, illustration and storytelling.

Stevens Sierra Foxtrot« Spreadshirt-Shop

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Your Steven
*Since I myself have been practising this »sport« for years: Sportschule Schwager 🤜🤛

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Stevens Sierra Foxtrot« Spreadshirt-Shop