A personal statement about the current Motorcycle Ban discussion in Germany

Yes, following comment is personal and my own view. But for you as an international reader, here some bios to my person: I’m Head of organization of the 1/8 Mile and CD of the Glemseck 101. One of the largest Motorcycle Festivals in Europe. Like many others we had to chancel our event, our Round 15, in 2020 some weeks ago and month before our starting flag would drop. Traditional our festival takes place in the first weekend of September. Today is Day 101 effective to our Glemseck 101.

I’m pissed!

Had some time off-line. Just to get my head free in this fucked up Covid19 situation. And what happened while I was in a kind of »free-my-brain-sabbatical« – in Germany they started a discussion to ban motorcycle riding on the weekends.

Fuck you! Covid 19 and some bloody German Untertan Think-Tanks seem to think it’s a big time to piss around under the so blue sky of ecology. Oh, hell yeah, happy to see more 3. World kids digging cobalt in some mines so that you can smile in the faces of your hipster friends, crying enthusiastic: »Look at my new fucking E-Motorcycle! And hell yeah, the power is also pure ecology by wind energy. Don’t bother those dumb bird and insects and those little recycling problems of this new civilization monuments.«.

Tell you what: This time you really pissed direction the wrong guys and girls. Maybe we as riders lost in the last decades some of our rough edges – but don’t get fooled – we still know about our family tree. And in our coat of arms the word »freedom« is bold, underlined and labeled in fucking bloody red color. So, give it a try – and eat dust.

Steven Flier – Motorcycle Enthusiast by birth.